This group aims (i) to produce new materials of relevance for thermal energy storage applications (such as molten salts, nano-fluids, metal alloys, carbon-activated foams), and (ii) to develop new experimental methods for their thermo-physical, mechanical and compatibility characterization.

The experimental methods will make use of the CIC experimental platforms and facilities. Between them we cite: Thermal Analysis Platform (DSC- differential scanning calorimeter, LFA - laser flash apparatus, DIL - Pushrod dilatometer, STA - simultaneous thermal analysis, QMS - quadrupole mass spectrometer), X-Ray diffraction platform, Electron microscopy platform (High resolution TEM/STEM, SEM, FEG), Surface analysis unit, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Thermal storage testing facility.

The group is active in all the area activities:

  • - Packed-bed thermal storage: material and storage system development

  • - Nano fluids for SHS & LHS Materials for Seasonal Heat Storage

  • - Metal Alloys: material characterization and storage system testing

Group Leader

Abdessamad Faik

+34 945 297 108

Parque Tecnologico C/Albert Einstein 48 CP 01510 Minano (Alava) Spain
Abdessamad Faik
More info

Dr. Abdessamad Faik (PhD, Univ.Basque Country,Spain, 2009). His PhD focused on synthesis, structural study and phase transitions at non-ambient conditions of perovskite materials. He has an extensive experience in synthesis of new compounds by different methods and a strong knowledge in X-ray and neutron diffraction.

He has held a Post-doctoral fellow for 14 months at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Orleans (France) in the domain of thermal storage for concentrated solar power plants where he has studied and developed innovative and original materials for sensible thermal energy storage.

His second Post-doctoral position was held at CIC energiGUNE for 20 months, with a stay as a guest scientist during the first year at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart (Germany). Here he studied and developed new materials for thermochemical energy storage.

He then worked at the Research Institute of Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) in Rabat (Morocco) as a head of Thermal Systems Department where he has participated in several academic and industrial projects.


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