Future events

AUG 22 2018

31st European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM31

<p>31st European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM31</p>

AUG 30 2018

CIC energiGUNE seminar "“Sintering additives used to prepare garnet-type solid electrolyte at low temperatures”

Speaker: Dr. Nataly Carolina Rosero-Navarro From: Faculty of Engineering at Hokkaido Univerity, Sapporo, Japan   All-solid-state lithium batteries are a very attractive proposal to outperform the limitations of the conventional lithium ion batteries based in liquid electrolytes due to safety issues. ­The garnet-type solid electrolytes have received attention because of a high Li+1 conductivity at low temperatures (~10-3-10-4 S/cm), high chemical stability against Li metal and wide potential...

SEP 02 2018

69th Annual ISE Meeting

<p>69th Annual ISE Meeting</p>

SEP 03 2018

CIC energiGUNE seminar "From NMR of noncovalent interactions to the local structural features of solids”

Speaker: Dr. I. G. Shenderovich From: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Regensburg, Germany  The mechanical and chemical properties of solids depend on their morphology. There are many methods designed to determine the composition of very complex materials. There is a lack of methods suitable to study intermolecular interactions and associated local structural features even into simple noncrystalline solids. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) is the...

SEP 10 2018

AEM2018 -Advanced Energy Materials

<p>AEM2018 -Advanced Energy Materials</p>

SEP 10 2018

EMN Barcelona Meeting 2018

<p>EMN Barcelona Meeting 2018&nbsp;</p>

SEP 10 2018

Graphene Week 2018

Graphene Week 2018 

SEP 17 2018

XV International conference "Topical problems of energy conversion in lithium electrochemical systems"

XV International conference "Topical problems of energy conversion in lithium electrochemical systems" 

SEP 17 2018

E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting

<p>E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

SEP 24 2018

Electrochemistry 2018

<p>Electrochemistry 2018&nbsp;</p>

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