MAY 06 2019

CIC energiGUNE at ISEECap 2019 in Nantes, France

CIC energiGUNE at  ISEECap 2019 in Nantes, France

The International Symposium on Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors, ISEECap 2019 will take place in Nantes from 6-10 May 2019, where the most renowned international experts together with students and non-specialist engineers and researchers share interest in electrochemical capacitors.

CIC energiGUNE will be represented by Dr. Jon Ajuria,  with the talk "An ultrafast battery performing as a supercapacitor: electrode tuning for high power performance and long cycling life",  by María Arnaiz, with the talk "Na-ion capacitors based on TiSb2 alloy negative electrode: the role of the binder towards enhancing cycle life", and by Tandra Panja, with the poster "Advanced nanostructured carbons for Lithium Ion capacitors".

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