SEP 16 2019

CIC energiGUNE at Lithium Battery Discussions "Electrode Materials" (LIBD-9)

CIC energiGUNE at Lithium Battery Discussions "Electrode Materials" (LIBD-9)

LiBD-9 conference will take place in Arcachon, France, in September 15-20. It will focus on discussions of all basic aspects of positive and negative electrode materials for Li (ion) batteries and it will also include topics related to interfaces and interfacial phenomena, and topics beyond classical Li-ion batteries.

From CIC energiGUNE, Dr. Montse Casas-Cabanas will give an Invited Talk entitled "Structural disorder in battery materials" and Dr. Damien Saurel will present a talk and a poster entitled "A comparative study of the diffusion kinetics of Li and Na in olivine (triphylite) (Li,Na)FePO4" and "A SAXS outlook on disordered carbonaceous materials for electrochemical energy storage" respectively.

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