NOV 28 2019

CIC energiGUNE, recognised as a reference centre in solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques

CIC energiGUNE, recognised as a reference centre in solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques


  • This certification is a unique recognition from the scientific instrumentation manufacturer Bruker Española
  • CIC energiGUNE will organise and give training courses on the technique of NMR of solids in Bruker equipment


CIC energiGUNE, Basque research centre of reference in electrochemical and thermal energy storage, has obtained recognition as a "Reference Centre in NMR of solids in Spain" from the Spanish subsidiary of the international scientific instrumentation manufacturer Bruker. This certification not only consolidates CIC energiGUNE's position at the forefront of the sector in Europe but also increases its potential to attract talent and develop research, as it is the only certified NMR reference centre in Spain.

The CIC energiGUNE NMR platform is equipped with both solid and liquid-state NMR. Solid-state NMR can provide high-precision information on the structure and dynamics of molecules and ions in electrochemical materials, which is crucial for understanding and developing energy storage devices. Furthermore, solid-state NMR can provide dynamic information with atomic specificity in highly disordered and even fully amorphous materials. The technologies of the CIC energiGUNE solid-state NMR platform are specially designed for the characterisation of the materials used for energy storage, including in-situ measurements during device operation and variable temperature studies (-120ºC to +400ºC). 

Liquid-state NMR enables structural, kinetic and thermodynamic characterisation of materials in solution. This platform features Bruker Avance III 300 MHz equipment for liquid-state NMR spectroscopy for standard characterization of materials developed for implementation in batteries, as well as for studying the stability and post mortem of those that mimic real scenarios. The analysis of multiple nuclei including 31P, 19F, 13C, 1H and 7Li is key in the synthesis of organic materials, and is considered a highly effective technique to determine the composition and degradation mechanisms of organic electrolytes, including solvents, polymers, salts and additives.

The platform is led by Juan Miguel López del Amo, a researcher with more than 15 years of experience in this type of characterisation techniques and who has also been recognised as an "Expert in NMR of solids in Spain" by the manufacturer.

As a result of the recognition, the two organisations have signed a collaboration agreement through which CIC energiGUNE will organise and give training courses on NMR of solids in the manufacturer's equipment.


About CIC energiGUNE

CIC energiGUNE is the benchmark research centre in Europe in the field of energy storage. The centre, a strategic initiative in this field set up by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, is also supported by the Provincial Government of Álava and the Basque Energy Agency, as well as by the leading companies in the energy and storage sector in the Basque Country: Iberdrola, Cegasa Portable Energy, Sener, Siemens-Gamesa, Ormazabal, Idom, Solarpack, Mondragón Corporation and Nortegas.

Furthermore, CIC energiGUNE is the reference laboratory for energy storage in southern Europe, with its unique facilities including prototyping and testing infrastructures for electrical (including batteries for automotive solid state) and thermal storage. It has published extensively in scientific journals (over 500 publications) and participates in more than 35 industrial projects per year.

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