JUN 04 2017

Summer Internship at CIC energiGUNE 2017

Summer Internship at CIC energiGUNE 2017

CIC energiGUNE is now offering Summer Internships in the field of electrochemical energy storage (EES) and thermal energy storage (TES) at our facilities.


  • Li-based batteries (EES)
  • Na-based batteries (EES)
  • Solid electrolytes for Li and Na batteries (EES)
  • Supercapacitors (EES)
  • Thermophysical characterization of sensible heatthermal energy storage materials (TES)
  • Thermophysical characterization of latentthermal energy storage materials (TES)

How to apply

Applications are open to final year university students in related areas: chemistry, materials science, engineering, etc., who wish to develop a career in research.

To apply please send your academic record and CV to before  04th June 2017.

Documento asociado: Summer_internships_2017.pdf

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