APR 16 2018

New CIC energiGUNE catalogue of services for industry

New CIC energiGUNE catalogue of services for industry

Driven by its spirit of innovation and cooperation, CIC energiGUNE is a benchmark in research at an international level in the field of energy storage technologies. Indeed, CIC energiGUNE's mission is to play a leading role on the European scientific stage by focusing on research on materials and systems related to energy storage applications, while remaining a benchmark in the transfer of technology and disruptive knowledge to Basque industry in collaboration with the other players of Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.
This catalogue has been developed under a "problem-driven" scheme facing a series of recurring problems in the industry and aiming to provide improvements of products. Our services may range from turnkey solutions - including an analysis and interpretation of the results - to training in individual techniques or simply the use of equipment (raw data).

Please contact for further details.

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