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Postdoctoral position: Small Angle X-ray Scattering for the development of microstructurally optimized carbons for next generation batteries Sólo en [en]?

The XRD platform, At CIC energigune is seeking for a Postdoctoral researcher to apply for a Juan de la Cierva (Formación/Incorporación) grant of Spanish Government. The candidate will join a multidisciplinary and collaborative team of young and talented people having expertise in crystal chemistry, synthesis and electrochemistry to analyze the role of structure and microstructure on the performance of energy storage materials. The candidate will be hired...

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We are now inviting applications for the position of Electron Microscopy Platform Manager in the area of POWER STORAGE; BATTERIES AND SUPERCAPS (EES). CIC Energigune is a new energy research centre based in the Basque Country of Spain.  Its mission is to play a leading role on the international stage in the field of energy storage technologies and contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Basque Country.  CIC...

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Predoctoral position to undertake a doctoral research thesis in solid state battery prototyping Sólo en [en]?

PhD description: As an alternative to the currently existing liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries, all solid state concepts have arisen as an alternative for stationary applications due to their potential higher energy density, longer cycle life and safety properties. Several cell configurations will be evaluated with special emphasis in choosing cost competitive and scalable processing techniques for the electrode, electrolyte and cell fabrication. Improvement of individual cell components and...

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Postdoc in computational design of ion conductors Sólo en [en]?

The Computational Group at CIC Energigune is searching for a Postdoctoral researcher to be involved in combining machine learning algorithms with data from quantum-mechanical and molecular dynamics simulations in order to screen fast ion conductors for battery materials. The candidate will join a multidisciplinary and collaborative team of theorists and experimentalists from condensed matter, materials, and chemical sciences. Therefore, the successful candidate must be able to effectively...

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