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Válido hasta 2019.02.18

CIC Energigune is looking for a process engineer for development of new processes and scale up of laboratory processes .

  • Define, design, install and set up a process of material transformation into a polymer based membrane.
  • Characterize materials, membrane's components and the membrane itself (physicochemical and structural).
  • Optimization and adjust component's formulation.
  • Spindle design and feeding systems adjustment.
  • Components (charges and fibres/fillers) dispersion analysis in the compounds.
  • Laminate the polymer-based membrane on flexible (metallic, plastic, etc) substrates.

We are offering at least a 3 year contract and advantageous professional development opportunities within interesting projects in the field of energy storage, and important professional development opportunities

In addition to the appeal of the entire project, the CIC Energigune offers a competitive basic salary augmented by important benefits such as special conditions for a private health insurance that compare favourably with the best global private and public institutions.

The Foundation will also help smooth the transition for you and your family, providing a welcome program that offers accommodation and addresses other aspects to help you integrate into the local environment.


  • Process engineer, manufacturing engineer, Materials engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science or any Engineering related field with at least 3-5 years experience in:
  •  Materials (polymers) transformation process engineer.
  • Composite materials formulation.
  • Characterization techniques (physical, mechanical, thermal, etc) of polymer and composite materials.
  • A team player who can support project members and project leader.
  • Resolutive and innovative with R&D attraction
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English

Izena eman lan eskaintzan

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