Storage materials will be critical to energy transition and climate change.  Our commitment is to develop storage materials for a better world.




The core of our research is to design, synthesize, optimize, and characterize the next-generation of cathode and anode materials for batteries applied to different technologies, in particular, lithium-ion (Li-ion), sodium-ion (Na-ion), Metal-air and Solid-State Batteries. We employ cost-efficient synthetic processes (Co-precipitation, Hydrothermal, Sol-gel, Solid-state) with a focus on sustainability (Cobalt free cathodes) and recyclability (design for recycling starting from materials).

Our group brings together expertise in materials science, and in particular, crystal chemistry and electrochemistry, that in combination with scattering, imaging, and spectroscopic techniques, are applied to develop fundamental understanding in structure-property correlations with the aim of reaching novel/improved properties. Our current research includes activities for the rationalization of synthetic processes or the understanding of complex physicochemical phenomena in solid-state batteries to more fundamental research activities that involve the discovery of new materials and properties aided with high throughput synthesis and calculations.

We have a strong experience in electrode reaction mechanisms through the use of operando experiments and, in particular, unique expertise in structural disorder and defects, for which we have developed the FAULTS software. 

Research Lines

Our group collaborates with other groups in the development of varied solutions in the following lines of research:

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