CIC energiGUNE
  • Shmuel De-Leon

    Shmuel De-Leon

    Founder and CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd

    Shmuel is a leading international expert in the business of Energy storage. Prior to founding the company, Shmuel held for over 21 years various positions as an energy storage, electronic engineering and quality control team manager.

    Shmuel holds a  BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an Electronic Technician’s diploma. He is also an advisory board member of several industry companies.

  • Pilar González

    Pilar González

    CIC energiGUNE’s Foundation President & Head of Energy Storage at IBERDROLA’s innovation, Quality and Sustainability Department

    Pilar González has a degree in Physical Sciences from the UAM, was number one in her class and has almost 20 years of professional experience in the energy sector. She has been working at IBERDROLA for more than 10 years, where she is currently the Head of Energy Storage within the Innovation, Quality and Sustainability Department. Within IBERDROLA she has developed different functions and has worked, among others, in the CEO´s cabinet and in the International Management of IBERDROLA. She is one of IBERDROLA´s leading experts in energy storage systems and has been a member of the Technical Committee of the European Storage Association (EASE) since 2016. Pilar González is CIC energiGUNE’s Foundation President.

  • Igor Cantero

    Igor Cantero

    CTO Cegasa Energía

    Igor Cantero has a Ph.D. in Chemistry (University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU, 1999) and currently is the C.T.O of Cegasa Energía.

    Cegasa was founded in 1934, from the start the company has always worked in the area of electrochemical energy storage. We are manufacturers of Industrial Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries and solutions for energy storage. Our products are developed and manufactured entirely in Europe. Cegasa designs and manufactures Lithium-ion Battery Packs, Battery Modules, Battery Banks and All-in-one equipment. Applied to Industrial Traction, Mobility, Stationary and Renewable Systems. The company is also global leader in Zinc-Air technology, the battery with the most energy-density on the market. Cegasa presents a wide range of batteries in different formats and in different energy ranges.

  • Juan Barandiaran

    Juan Barandiaran

    Managing Director of Gamesa Electric

    Juan Barandiaran, Executive MBA in Business Management and Telecommunication Engineer by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, is the Managing Director of Gamesa Electric since 2011.

    Gamesa Electric is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment, with extensive experience in photovoltaics, hydro-electric energy, marine propulsion, wind power and energy storage applications, among others. In April 2017, Gamesa merged Siemens Wind to form Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Gamesa Electric is a 100% subsidiary of this merged company. Its target is leading the global renewable energy industry driving the transition towards a sustainable world.

  • Laurentino Gutierrez

    Laurentino Gutierrez

    Business Manager e-Mobility & ADAS, AVL Ibérica

    Laurentino Gutiérrez represented AVL, an Austrian engineering company with more than 10,000 employees and a presence on five continents. They are a reference in development, testing and integration of propulsion systems, both those based on internal combustion engines, and in battery and fuel cell applications for electric mobility. They also offer comprehensive development, testing and simulation environments for autonomous driving, especially in relation to the subjective perception of the driver (dynamism, connectivity, ADAS, etc.).

    As an industrial engineer specialized in electric mobility, complemented by years of experience in the field of quality and continuous improvement in car production, he leads AVL Ibérica´s expansion in the commercialization of development solutions for advanced propulsion systems (electrification and hydrogen), as well as our means of testing and validating ADAS technologies.

  • Javier Olarte

    Javier Olarte

    Technology Transfer Director CIC energiGUNE & CEO of BCARE

    Javier Olarte, Executive MBA (ESEUNE Business School), MSc. in Digital Electronic Systems Design (University of Manchester) and Electrical Engineer by the University of Mondragon, is since 2018 the Technology Transfer Director CIC energiGUNE as well as the CEO of BCARE.

    BCARE was born with the vocation of being a tractor vehicle to convert the scientific capacity and knowledge of CIC energiGUNE into business for companies. In this sense, BCARE begins its activity in 2018 as the first spin-off of the research center CIC energiGUNE and focuses its efforts on offering highly specialized comprehensive services for the power electronics and energy storage sector with the aim of transforming the current economic, social and environmental reality, based on innovation.

  • Raquel Ferret

    Raquel Ferret

    Technology Coordinator of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Area and Business Development Manager at CIC energiGUNE

    Dr. Raquel Ferret holds a doctorate in Chemical Sciences and a master in Chemistry both from the University of Basque Country UPV/EHU(Spain) and Project Management Professional Certificate (2009).

    Currently she is the Technology Coordinator of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Area and Business Development Manager at CIC energiGUNE, being involved in national and European initiatives for electrical mobility and stationary storage, both in public and private funded projects. From 2008 to 2016 she was leading energy storage projects in Zigor R&D, being the responsible of the development of a Vanadium Redox flow battery technology for the company.

    Previously, she was responsible for surface technologies managing research in synthesis and functionalization on organic and inorganic compounds in IK4-Tekniker research centre. Her research has been focused on the development of heterogenous catalysis for gaseous reactions and solid-state reactions.

    With more than 20 years of professional experience in energy related research and industrial projects, she has taken part in more than 100 research projects (coordinating an FP6 project), holds 1 patent, written 10 high impact publications and 20 communications in energy related congresses.

  • Guillaume de Forton

    Guillaume de Forton

    Head of Business Development at OXIS Energy

    Guillaume was born in France and studied in London and Brussels where he gained a MA in International Business at the ICHEC Management School. This was followed by two year long internships with CECTEK in Taiwan and SINBON Electronics in Shanghai, China. He then became Area Sales Manager for Alphamin SA in Belgium before moving to XNC Energy where he was Sales Director. Guillaume joined OXIS Energy in January 2015 where his extensive experience in international sales helps him manage customer accounts and business development.

  • Sachiya Inagaki

    Sachiya Inagaki

    Senior Executive Manager/Seoul Branch Office Manager, Industrial Technology Unit, Yano Research Institute, ltd.

    Sachiya Inagaki has been working with Yano Research Institute since August 2000. Since 2009, he has been focusing primarily on market research for xEVs, LiB cells and its materials. He also has been publishing market reports as to LiB and material annually and conducting a lot of custermised research so far.

    Since August 2011, he had been in a position of General Manager of Seoul branch office for three years and he has been in a position of Senior Executive Manager of Industrial Technology Unit at headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.

    He has acquired MBA from Tsukuba University in 2007.


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