Claudia completed her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with First class honors at Mayor de San Andres University. Before finishing her bachelor, she made an internship and worked in a Lithium Carbonate Pilot Plant. Her bachelor’s thesis was multidisciplinary and focused on the purification of Lithium Carbonate, working on heterogenous reactions at high temperatures, ion exchange, and crystallization techniques. Following her Bachelor studies, she worked as a researcher focusing on Lithium-salt extraction technologies. After some time, Claudia earned a full scholarship, which gave her the opportunity to study a Master of Chemical Engineering at The University of Melbourne in Australia.

In Australia, she worked on a research project focused on finding new green solvents for Lithium extraction from natural brines (Direct Lithium Extraction technologies). Completed her studies, she went back to her country to work as a researcher before further studies.

Currently, she is a Predoctoral Research Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow under the Destiny Ph.D. program where she is developing a new generation of fluorine-free electrolytes working with water-based electrodes under the supervision of Prof. Władysław Wieczorek, Prof. Leszek Niedzicki and Prof. Michel Armand.

Scientific interests

  • Green and sustainable Li-ion batteries
  • Water-based electrodes and fluorine-free battery components
  • Green and sustainable extraction technologies

Scientific career

  • Ion Exchange/adsorption/solvent extraction (green alternatives)
  • Production and purification of basic Lithium-salts
  • Water-based electrodes (anode and cathode) process


  • Bachelor of chemical engineering with first-class honors at Mayor de San Andres University, Bolivia.
  • Awarded by the Bolivian government with a full scholarship for master’s studies among the top 50 universities in the world.
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship (DESTINY Ph.D. Program)

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