CIC energiGUNE is a research center specialized in energy, electrochemical storage (batteries and supercapacitors), thermal energy solutions and hydrogen, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance- BRTA, and, a strategic initiative of the Basque Government. CIC energiGUNE was created in 2011 to generate excellent knowledge and at the same time useful for the Basque business network, being a reference in knowledge transfer.

CIC energiGUNE has a dynamic research team of more than 100 researchers and is extremely well equipped with a wide range of up-to-date facilities that are fully available for all its researchers. Also, the European Commission has recently (2019) awarded CIC energiGUNE with the ´HR Excellence in Research´ which reflects its commitment to achieving fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures and certifies the existence of a stimulating and favorable work environment for researchers in the institution.

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CIC energiGUNE is seeking for a person interested in pursuing a PhD in physicochemical phenomena of wetting-drying (intrusion-extrusion) of nanoporous materials with non-wetting liquids. The fundamental questions targeted in this project are motivated by the applicability of intrusion-extrusion process to thermomechanical-to-electrical energy conversion [1, 2], thermal actuation [3], sensing [4], negative compressibility [4-6], negative thermal expansion [7] and column chromatography.

The position is funded by the ERC (European Research Counsel) in the context of the proof-of-concept project NoDry. The project aims at investigating the effect of solutes (different gases, in particular) on spontaneous extrusion of non-wetting liquids from nanopores for the benefit of the applications mentioned above. This exciting project promotes an active collaboration between CIC energiGUNE and the theoretical team of Professor Alberto Giacomello at Sapienza University in Rome and other world-leading experimental and engineering teams.



  • Performing high-quality research within the scope of the project
  • Manuscript preparation for submission to peer reviewed journals
  • Presenting results in international conferences
  • Providing guidance to Master’s and visiting students when required



[1] Grosu Y, Mierzwa M, Eroshenko VA, Pawlus S, Chorażewski M, Nedelec JM, Grolier JPE Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Energy Storage in a Single Working Body: Electrification and Thermal Effects upon Pressure-Induced Water Intrusion–Extrusion in Nanoporous Solids. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017 9(8) 7044-7049

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[3] Chorążewski M, Zajdel P, Feng T, Luo D, Lowe AR, Brown CM, Leão JB, Li M, Bleuel M, Jensen G, Li D, Grosu Y Compact Thermal Actuation by Water and Flexible Hydrophobic Nanopore. ACS Nano 2021 5 9048–9056

[4] Anagnostopoulos A, Knauer S, Ding Y, Grosu Y Giant Effect of Negative Compressibility in a Water–Porous Metal–CO2 System for Sensing Applications. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020 12(35) 39756-39763

[5] Tortora M, Zajdel P, Lowe AR, Chorążewski M, Leão JB, Jensen GV, Bleuel M, Giacomello A, Casciola CM, Meloni S, Grosu Y Giant Negative Compressibility by Liquid Intrusion into Superhydrophobic Flexible Nanoporous Frameworks. ACS Nano letters 2021 21(7) 2848-2853

[6] Zajdel P, Chorążewski M, Leão JB, Jensen GV, Bleuel M, Zhang HF, Feng T, Luo D, Li M, Lowe AR, Geppert-Rybczynska M, Grosu Y Inflation Negative Compressibility duri Intrusion-Extrusion of a Non-Wetting Liquid into a Flexible Nanoporous FrameworkJ Phys Chem Lett 2021 12 4951-7

[7] Grosu Y, Faik A, Nedelec JM, Grolier JP Reversible Wetting in Nanopores for Thermal Expansivity Control: From Extreme Dilatation to Unprecedented Negative Thermal Expansion. J Phys Chem C 2017 121(21) 11499-11507



We are offering 3-year (extendable to a maximum period of 4 years) predoctoral contract and advantageous professional development opportunities.

Access to a complete set of existing laboratory infrastructure and equipment to ensure a fruitful stay and the fullfilment of the objectives in due time. 

Candidates will join an integrated, enthusiastic, and multidisciplinary institute making high quality research and impactful contributions to the energy and sustainability fields.

CIC energiGUNE will also help smooth the transition for you and your family, providing a welcome program that offers help with accommodation and addresses other aspects to help you integrate into the local environment (such as free language courses, help with schools for children…).

CIC energiGUNE is located close to the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), in the heart of the Basque Country. The Basque Country is the region with the highest R&D investment in Spain, with more than 20.000 researchers. The basque research ecosystem comprises a solid and collaborating community composed of universities, technology and cooperative research centers.

For more information: 



All applicants are invited to submit their applications including a cover letter, a detailed curriculum vitae and their academic records at this website.

The selection process ends once the candidate is selected.

CIC energiGUNE is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.


  • MSc in Physical, Chemical or Engineering sciences
  • Excellent academic record
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • A team player who can collaborate with other groups, technical centers, and industries
  • Experience in research projects will be considered as a plus
  • Demonstrated self-motivation and autonomy

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