Patent No. WO 2014198914 A1


Michel Armand (CIC energiGUNE), Elizabeth Castillo (CIC energiGUNE), Estibaliz Coya (CIC energiGUNE), and Javier Carretero (CIC energiGUNE).


Aqueous organic redox flow batteries stand as a promising alternative to vanadium as, based on the use of readily available organic molecules as redox-active material, they offer great versatility in terms of energy density, working voltage, and stability.

Researchers at CIC energiGUNE have been developed low-cost and non-toxic redox electrolyte compounds with high water-solubility, fast kinetics, and involving reversible and multiple proton-coupled electron-transfer redox reactions to be used as anolyte or/and catholyte in a redox flow battery. Thanks to an innovative strategy the solubility of organic compounds, barely soluble in water, was boosted impacting the energy density and performance strongly.

Added value

  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective electrolyte.
  • Minimize membrane crossover.
  • Bifunctional electrolyte, allowing for efficient symmetricredox flow batteries.
  • Highly water-soluble organic compounds.

Application of the technology

  • Redox Flow Battery Technology.

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