Since 2018 Yasmina Portilla is developing a phD in CIC energiGUNE and IK4-TEKNIKER in the field of thermochemical energy storage developing new mixed metal oxides. From 2016 to 2018 she studied the Chemical Engineering Master in the Basque Autonomous Country University (UPV/EHU) in the Science and Technology Faculty (FCT-ZTF) and in the Cantabria University (UC) in the Engineering Faculty. During the last course, she undertook a scholarship in IK4-TEKNIKER, where she carried out her final master project manufacturing anti-reflective structures by nano-structuring sol-gel coatings. From 2012 to 2016 she studied the Chemical Engineering Degree in the Basque Autonomous Country University (UPV/EHU) in the Science and Technology Faculty (FCT-ZTF) where she obtained the graduate of excellence. During the last course she collaborated with Técnicas Químicas para la Sostenibilidad Ambiental (TQSA) group developing her final degree project about the hydrothermal aging of hybrid NSR-SCR systems for DeNOx applications. She took a scholarship too in the Public Health Laboratories of Bizkaia analyzing the NOx concentration in the air.  During this period, she took part in the Talentia program and in the Competencias para la profesionalidad en Bizkaia program intended for high performance students.

Scientific interests

  • Renewable energies
  • Engineering
  • Chemical processes

Scientific career

  • PhD in high temperature thermochemical energy storage.
  • Practices developing sol-gel nanoestructured coatings at IK4-TEKNIKER.
  • Chemical engineering Master at UPV/EHU
  • Practices analyzing atmospheric NOx concentration at Bizkaia Public Health Laboratory.
  • Chemical engineering degree at UPV/EHU


  • Graduate of excellence in chemical engineering

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