CIC energiGUNE is seeking for a researcher with a background in Chemical sciences with the hands on expertise in:


  • Nanoporous materials synthesis including metal-organic frameworks, ceramics, carbon materials, etc.
  • Experience in at least some of the relevant characterization techniques such as gas adsorption, porosimetry, TEM, SEM, FTIR, Raman, AFM, XPS, NMR, etc.
  • Familiarity with wettability characterization and control.


The following experience will be considered as advantageous:

  • Superhydrophobic and superlyophobic materials synthesis;
  • Hydrophobization techniques;
  • Monolith porous materials synthesis;
  • Hierarchical porous materials synthesis
  • Porous materials synthesis scale up;
  • Solid-liquid interfacial interactions;
  • Contact electrification (triboelectrification);
  • Familiarity with energy storage applications.

The position is open within FET Proactive project Electro-intrusion, which received funding from European commission and is dedicated to investigation of contact electrification and  thermal effects during forced non-wetting liquid intrusion and its spontaneous extrusion into-from nanopores for the benefit of storage and conversion application. This exciting project implies active collaboration with theoretical, experimental and engineering teams – members of the project consortium. The main job functions will be:


  • Perform high-quality research within the scope of the project
  • Publish the obtained results in high impact journals
  • Present the obtained results in international conferences
  • Provide guidance to PhD-, Master- and visiting-students when required


We are offering a 3-year contract and advantageous professional development opportunities. A prolongation of the contract for 2 additional years is possible subjected to a positive performance assessment.


How to apply

All applicants are invited to submit through this website detailed curriculum vitae and 2 reference letters.


  • PhD in Chemical or Physical sciences
  • Experience in nanoporous material synthesis and characterization
  • A team player who can collaborate with other groups, technical centers, and industries
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • The knowledge of contact electrification will be considered as an advantage