• ECOSS33, 33rd European Conference on Surface Science
    • EIDER GOIKOLEA NUÑEZ ( Invited Talk: Effect of Electrolyte Concentration on Aqueous Supercapacitor Performance)
  • ISEECap 2017
    • EIDER GOIKOLEA NUÑEZ ( Chairman & Invited talk: Exploring the best compatibility between carbon materials and electrolytes for various electrochemical capacitor systems; Poster: Lithium and Sodium Ion Capacitors with High Energy and Power Densities based on Carbons from Recycle)
  • XXXVI Reunión Bienal de la RSEQ
    • EIDER GOIKOLEA NUÑEZ ( Invited talk: High power and energy density supercapacitors using olive pit derived carbon materials)
  • ISEECAP2013
    • EIDER GOIKOLEA NUÑEZ ( Preparation and characterization of vanadium )