CIC energiGUNE is the research center of electrochemical and thermal energy storage, a strategic initiative of the Basque Government. CIC energiGUNE was born in 2011 to generate excellent research in materials and systems for energy storage. The goal of CIC energiGUNE is to maximize the impact on results to the Basque business network through collaboration with universities, research centers, and companies.

If you want to join an integrated, enthusiastic, and multidisciplinary institute making high quality research and impactful contributions to the energy storage and sustainability fields this is your opportunity.

We are now offering internship opportunities in the field of electrochemical energy storage (EES) and thermal energy storage (TES) at our facilities. If you want to join a young dynamic team to learn from the world level scientists and use the latest equipment and technology, this is your opportunity!

Applications are open to master students of related areas: materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering… who wish to develop a career in research.


  • Electroplating technique for all solid state batteries towards anodeless batteries; EES area; Research line: Metal Anode
  • Recycling; EES area; Research line: Advanced cathode materials
  • Development of electric resistive Phase Change Materials for Power-to-heat (P2H): TES integrated heating; TES area; Research line: Thermal Energy Storage technologies for industrial heat processes
  • Development of hierarchical macro-nanoporous metals for advanced boiling heat transfer in electronic components; TES area; Research lines: Heat transfer intensification & TES technologis for power generation
  • Bifunctional cathodes for electrically rechargeable zinc-air batteries; EES area; Research line: Metal-Air 
  • New polymer binders for Si-based anodes; EES area; Research line: Polymer Electrolytes 
  • Matching materials and electrolytes for higher energy supercapacitors and hybrid devices; EES area; Researcher line: Supercapacitors


All applicants are invited to submit their applications at CIC energiGUNE website.

CIC energiGUNE is committed to ensuring that all applicants are treated equitably, free from discrimination, as we are committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.



We are looking for a graduates currently studying at a higher education institution in order to obtain a master's degree, preferably in: materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering... at the time of the internship.


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