• SolarPACES 2019
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Spray-graphitization against molten nitrate salts corrosion for concentrated solar power plants)
  • 1st International Conference on Nanofluids (ICNf) and the 2nd European Symposium on Nanofluids (ESNf)
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Wettability control for correct thermophysical properties determination of molten salts and their nanofluids)
  • SolarPaces 2018
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Preparation and characterization of nanofluids based on molten salts with enhanced thermophysical properties for thermal energy storage at concentrate solar power)
  • ASME Power and Energy Conference
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: How Smart Can a Natural Material Get? Magnetite for Thermal Energy Storage: Excellent Thermophysical Properties, Reversible Latent Heat Transition and Controlled Thermal Conductivity)