• Enerstock 2021
    • IÑIGO ORTEGA FERNANDEZ ( Talk: Techno-economic assessment of thermal energy storage systems for small-scale CSP plants running organic Rankine cycles)
    • STEFANIA DOPPIU ( Chairlady)
    • ELENA PALOMO DEL BARRIO ( Chairlady)
    • SERGIO SANTOS MORENO ( Poster + Short oral presentation: Effect of Adding Expanded Graphite Microparticles in Organic Plastic Crystals for Latent Heat Storage)
    • IMANE MAHROUG ( Poster + Short oral presentation: Elaboration and characterization of Li4(OH)3Br-based shape stabilized composites for high temperature thermal energy storage)
    • YASMINA PORTILLA NIETO ( Talk: Development of Co3-xNixO4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) materials for thermochemical energy storage at lower red-ox temperature)
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Hierarchical macro-nanoporous metals for shape-stabilized phase change materials with high energy capacity, enhanced thermal conductivity and superior antileakage performance)
    • JEAN-LUC DAUVERGNE ( Talk: Electric-field induced crystallization in erythritol)
    • LUIS GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ ( Talk: The enabling role of nanoparticles in the development of anticorrosion coatings for molten salts thermal energy storage applications)
    • ARTEM NIKULIN ( Talk & poster:A study of spacing effect on pool boiling performance of three triangular pitched and vertically oriented tubes)
    • ANGEL SERRANO CASERO ( Talk: Effect of the processing method in Trimethylolethane based composites for thermal energy storage systems)
  • ASME-IMECE 2020
    • IÑIGO ORTEGA FERNANDEZ ( Paper: Potential waste heat recovery analysis from molten steel slag: the case study of Sidenor steelworks in Basauri (Spain))

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