Making disruptive knowledge available to industry




We count on a professional team in identifying heat transfer mechanisms, systems performance through fluidynamics (CFD), and system modeling, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of products both for industry and residential applications. We rely on great expertise on scaling up disruptive industrial solutions, on the road to heat electrification, as well as testing and performance analysis of relevant scale prototypes. To do so, we are equipped with Prototyping and Thermal Testing Laboratory, one of CIC energiGUNE’s cutting edge facility, capable of testing equipment in a wide range of temperature conditions and environments. Some of the active topics are:

  • Fluidynamics modeling: based on the principles of fluid mechanics, we define and use numerical methods and algorithms to simulate or solve problems that involve fluid flows, aimed to decrease the costs related to products or processes re-design activities. We develop models in powerful CFD tools that can integrate sensible heat, latent heat, or chemical reactions with fluid flows to provide a three-dimensional understanding of the component or system performance.

  • System modeling: supported on an in-depth knowledge of component modeling, we develop transient modeling at a system scale. Models are composed of different individual components aimed to obtain the behavior of the whole system subjected to dynamic and unstable environments so that the long-term impacts of such a system could be ascertained in advance.

  • Prototype upscaling and testing: prototypes are a crucial part of the research process. Based on our experience and engineering capabilities, we carry out design, construction, and testing activities at a relevant scale, aimed to push the newly developed technology from TRL 4 to TRL 6.

Research Lines

Our group collaborates with other groups in the development of varied solutions in the following lines of research:

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