Play a leading role in the international scientific scenario:

  • Focalize on the research of materials and systems related to energy
  • Oriented to storage applications
  • Be a referent in the Technology transfer counting with the collaboration of other scientific-technological agents and generating disruptive knowledge for the Basque Industry.


Consolidate as one of the top 5 principal research centers in Europe and become a reference partner to the Basque Companies in the focalization areas of CIC energiGUNE.


Focus and orientation

Concentration of research activity on materials and systems for energy storage, maintaining a long-term, stable and shared visión.

High standards

Excellence in research, talent attraction, infrastructure development, and management model.

People as a differential element

Challenging and motivating careers, with strong appeal to young talent and experienced researchers, in a facilitative work environment.


Fluid interaction and deep collaboration with the scientific, technological and industrial community, both locally and internationally.

Measurable local value

Commitment to the Basque Country, aligning R&D efforts with the needs of local stakeholders, and promoting the development of industrial activities.