Welcome to your future. If you are looking to take a leap in your scientific career, CIC energiGUNE is the place for you.

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Our team of people will accompany you at all times, from the previous steps of the trip until your integration.

  • Arrangements for entry and residence of foreign citizens: visas and residence cards.
  • Affiliation to the Spanish social security system for free health care and social benefits.
  • Approval and validation of qualifications and documents.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Search for accommodation.
  • Processing of vehicles.
  • A welcome programme with a practical guide and recommendations for better integration into the city.
If you come as a family, our staff will take care of all the arrangements for the best adaptation of your partner and children. Our goal is to make you feel at home.


A city designed for living

Whether you are looking for family stability or a temporary student experience, Vitoria is a great choice. As it is a medium-sized city, it is a comfortable place to live. It is accessible and very well communicated: pedestrian accesses, tram and bicycle lanes throughout the city for sustainable transport.

It is considered the green city because of its large parks and the nature that surrounds the metropolitan area. It has a historic center of great cultural value and a "World Heritage" cathedral.

In terms of leisure, it has a wide cultural offer and its gastronomy makes it a very attractive destination. It is close to the Rioja Alavesa -famous for its wineries- and to such tourist cities as Donostia or Bilbao.

  • Testimony

    Leaders in Europe

    Thanks to the opportunity that CIC energiGUNE has given me, I have been able to develop my professional career in an international and multidisciplinary environment. A center where research is at the forefront of Europe
    Stefania Doppiu Solid state chemical reactions
People Director

People Director

Asier Urzelai 
Tlf.: +34 945 297 108 

Organization Manager

Organization Manager

Begoña Ortiz de Latierro
Tlf.: +34 945 297 108

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