CIC energiGUNE develops thermal management technologies for application in electrical components (motors and transformers) and electronics, as well as in industrial processes. In this way, heat management will not be a limiting effect, achieving products and processes with higher performance, much more efficient and therefore lower cost.


The growing energy demand requires more powerful equipment, for example in power electronics. However, in many cases, the limitation to develop or improve equipment and processes is the reduced capacity to dissipate the heat they generate with conventional refrigeration technologies.

CIC energiGUNE has significant knowledge and capabilities in the field of heat transfer phenomena. The activity begins with the analysis and identification of thermal anomalies, through in situ measurements with expert equipment, the proposal of appropriate thermal management technologies, the modeling and optimization of the thermodynamic behavior of the system, using powerful computer simulation tools, to the prototyping, industrial pre-design and validation of the complete solution in highly equipped laboratory facilities. 

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