The challenge

To develop efficient heat management technologies that maintain optimal temperature ranges in electrical (motors and transformers) and electronic equipment without increasing the overall consumption of the equipment and thereby reducing the cost of the product.

Electronic circuits and power semiconductors are becoming increasingly compact and consume more electricity, thus generating large amounts of heat. The temperature exponentially reduces the life of electronic and electrical equipment, therefore, effective heat evacuation becomes a technological challenge for this type of application, which in many cases requires the installation of powerful cooling equipment.

The solution

A thermal management system has been developed in a power electronics cabinet that requires prior identification of the equipment´s thermal pattern, identifying possible thermal anomalies. Additionally, an ad-hoc system has been implemented to keep the equipment within the admissible temperature range. Phase change materials (PCM) are an optimum solution for this type of application, since they are capable of absorbing a large amount of heat without allowing the temperature of the hot spot to rise. CIC energiGUNE has developed a new passive thermal management technology, based on natural, very low-cost phase-change materials that allow easy adaptation to a wide variety of heat sources.


A novel PCM-based thermal management system that has been validated under real operating conditions.


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