CIC energiGUNE has complete parity in its organizational structure both at the research level and at the management and services area. This parity can also be found at the management committee level.  This has been achieved by following policies of strict meritocracy and through professional research and management career plans.

As an evidence of this reality, our General Manager, Nuria Gisbert, has been awarded by the “Asociación de Empresarias y Directivas de Bizkaia” for her outstanding track record and her work in implementing policies and processes "that have allowed the full and executive incorporation of women into the business world," says the AED.

We started to work on an Equality Plan in May 2020 with the constitution of the Equality Plan Negotiating Commission. The members of this Commission (three representatives of the workers and three representatives of the center) have been working together in the different phases needed for the definition of an Equality Plan.

This work started with a diagnosis of the gender equality situation taking into account both quantitative and qualitative indicators. The conclusion of this analysis is that CIC energiGUNE is in an equalitarian situation.

Specifically, 83,7 points out of 90 are obtained in the survey launched to all CIC energiGUNE members of the center regarding their evaluation about the gender equality situation. The outcome of the Commission’s evaluation was aligned with this results, with 8,7 points out of 10.

In addition to this, qualitative indicators show absolute parity in the distribution of the staff in all organizational levels and complete equity both in salary levels and in career and development opportunities in CIC energiGUNE.

After finishing the diagnosis phase, and even if the center’s situation regarding gender equality can be qualified as excellent, the Commission has set four main goals and defined an action plan in order to assure that we maintain and even improve the situation.

To conclude this work, during the month of December of 2020, the Equality Plan Negotiating Commission has agreed on an Equality Plan from 2021 to 2024, linked to the strategic plan periods.

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