Iván Torrano graduated as an industrial engineer at Mondragon University, specializing in mechanics. He later obtained his PhD in engineering at the same university in the field of wind energy. During this stage he carried out the design and tuning of the new wind tunnel for the study of aerodynamic profiles under turbulent flow conditions. He spent six months at the Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (LEGI) of the University of Grenoble (France), where he acquired experience in wind tunnel tests, in the experimental characterization of turbulent flows and in the treatment of measured data. In parallel to the experimental work, he also specialized in CFD modeling of turbulent flows, collaborating in several research projects with local companies.

As a result of one of these collaborations, in 2017 he became part of the Fluidomechanics line of CAF R&D, where he performed tasks related to CFD calculations of HVAC ducts, passenger thermal comfort, equipment cooling and external aerodynamics of trains. His scientific interest was mainly focused on the improvement of CFD models for subsequent experimental validation.

In early 2023 he joins CIC energiGUNE as a senior researcher in the thermal management line.

Scientific interests

  • Fluid dynamics simulation (CFD)
  • Thermal energy storage technologies
  • Thermal management in electronic/electric equipment
  • Renewable energy sources

Scientific career

  • Design and commissioning of wind tunnels
  • Aerodynamic data capture and control system for wind tunnels
  • CFD modeling of turbulent flow conditions for use in different aerodynamic applications at low Reynolds numbers.


  • Selected as part of the "ESWIRP students’ initiative" program to participate in the project "Investigation of small-scale turbulence statistics" developed in the ONERA S1MA wind tunnel in Modane (France).

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