Engineering master degree, MBA. Engineer with 19 years of professional expertise both in the industrial and research field, working for research centers and capital goods manufacturing companies. Expertise in management plans and leading research teams to continuous improvement. Currently Technology Coordinator of CIC energiGUNE. Expertise in prototype design and testing as well as identifying and implementation of new business ideas. In 2017 he was responsible of the commissioning of the Advanced Thermal Energy Storage testing bench of CIC energiGUNE for materials and systems testing, up to 800°C operation temperatures. Responsible and coordinator in many R&D developed projects, either private or with public funding from local or international institutions. Since 2016 carrying out a PhD in thermochemical energy storage materials and reactors.

Scientific interests

  • Thermal energy storage technologies
  • Thermal management in electronic/electric equipment
  • Fluid dynamics simulation (CFD)
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Renewable energy sources

Scientific career

  • Design and commissioning of a hot air test loop facility (up to 800°C)
  • Design and testing of a 200 kWht thermal energy storage system for concentrated solar power plants
  • Design and testing of a 400 kWht thermal energy storage system for industrial processes
  • Development of an advanced material for thermochemical energy storage at high temperatures

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