The Ministry of Ecological Transition has recently launched the public consultations for the renewable hydrogen roadmap and the energy storage strategy.

Both initiatives are part of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 (PNIEC). The PNIEC is one of the tools to carry out specific strategies on energy and climate, identifying challenges and opportunities.

Likewise, this tool will allow the design of the most appropriate measures in key technologies and vectors for the achievement of the objectives set. Besides, the PNIEC is focused on taking advantage of the opportunities for generating economic activity, employment, and competitive industrial development that the energy transition may entail.

Renewable hydrogen roadmap and storage strategy

This is a unique opportunity to present the points of view of the companies and agents involved in the value chains of energy storage and renewable hydrogen, answering in each case a little more than a dozen questions.

The deadline for submitting claims to both documents ends 15 days after the end of the COVID-10 crisis alert.

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