The spin-off created at CIC energiGUNE has been invited by the organizers to the sixth edition of AIC Next – Creativity, Innovation and Values, in order to make its services project of high added value on energy storage known to the companies in the sector.

BCARE, spin off emerging from CIC energiGUNE in order to offer added value services to the industry on matters of energy storage, is one of the selected start-ups to be part of the multidisciplinary group that will analyse between today and tomorrow the situation of the automotive industry in the face of the challenge of electric mobility. The gathering, which will have a virtual format, is framed inside the AIC Next initiative, supported by AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center.

“It is an unbeatable opportunity to create an efficient ecosystem that gives answers to the necessities of the industry through the implementation of research work” has put forth Soraya Romo Díez, General Manager of BCARE. “Our star-up is a major bet on reaching that stage and we think that our presence at AIC Next is good evidence of that”.

In fact, the central slogan for the sixth edition of AIC Next is directly linked to the proposals that have consolidated BCARE as a baseline start-up for the sector in a short amount of time. “The creation of an ecosystem that exceeds the current limits and is prepared to respond to the new challenges is in our DNA”, assures Javier Olarte, CEO of BCARE. “We develop projects for the industry, we want energy storage management to not be a problem, but an opportunity for companies”.  

From the automotive point of view, BCARE offers competitive advantages of great scope, based on the optimization of energy storage through an integral support service to its customers. In this sense, BCARE understands that advanced support models are vital for the improvement of battery lifetime and security.

Broadly speaking, BCARE supports its activity on the consecution of solutions that optimise the security of the battery and its performance through advanced analysis and predictive models of the devices health. For that end, it counts with the support of the advanced facilities of CIC energiGUNE on matters of characterisation and diagnosis, which are placed among the most prominent in Europe.

In regards to electric mobility, BCARE personalises the energy systems to each customer, covering the whole analysis process and generating complete specifications for any kind of charging structures for electric vehicles. In this sense, its presence in AIC Next opens doors to collaboration with companies interested in advancing the management of its energy storage processes, as well as generating new opportunities that contribute to promoting the technology developed by the start-up.

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