Elena Palomo del Barrio (CIC energiGUNE), Jean-Luc Dauvergne (CIC energiGUNE), Ángel Serrano Casero (CIC energiGUNE), Stefania Doppiu (CIC energiGUNE)


To date, thermal energy storage (TES) systems have traditionally opted for solid-liquid PCMs because of their high latent heat. However, these materials require encapsulation which leads to a loss of energy storage density, reduced versatility and higher cost.

The authors of the present invention have found that the above-mentioned limitations of solid-liquid PCM leakage and energy density can be surprisingly solved by selecting a non-polymeric solid-solid PCM as the enclosing/supporting material. In addition to the enhanced heat capacity, the transition temperature of the composite PCM of the invention can be easily customized over a wide range of temperatures while can be prepared by very simple and cost-effective procedures. Beside the above advantages, the present invention allows the provision of TES within a poorly covered range of temperatures by current PCMs which make them especially attractive for TES applications at medium temperatures in industrial heat processes, where there is currently only a few PCM alternatives.

Added value

  • High volumetric storage capacity

  • Versatility: tailored working temperature range 30-200ºC

  • Easy handling and integration into the system due to shape-stability at all working temperatures

  • Easy shaping and sizing offering broad range of derived commercial products related to energy storage, thermal protection and thermal management

  • Cost-effective energy storage systems (competitive manufacture cost with no need of heat exchanger)

Application of the technology

  • Solar heating and cooling in the domestic sector.

  • Solar industrial heat processes.

  • Decarbonization of domestic heating sector through electrification.

  • Decarbonization of domestic heating sector through electrification.

  • Advanced heat pumps with integrated heat storage capacity.

  • Advanced steam accumulator with enhanced heat storage capacity.

  • Ultra-compact radiators-accumulators

  • Ultra-compact heat accumulators for DHW

  • Heat storage integrated in building elements

  • Battery and microelectronic cooling applications

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