The challenge

The development of tools to determine and predict the behavior of a battery has been an ongoing challenge for the industry. Today the ability to understand, control and predict this behavior has become urgent and requires reliable information on the degradation processes that occur in the heart of the cell.

The solution

Development of degradation mechanisms not only based on electrical variables, but also taking into account the chemical variables of the cell materials to obtain the critical parameters of the system.


The degradation results have allowed the design and development of a novel online diagnostic module for the advanced lead-acid SoH that can be used in a stationary battery park of thousands of units. The technology of this diagnostic module can be easily upgraded to other battery technologies.


Business Development Manager:

  • Javier Olarte. BCARE
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    The electrochemical behaviour of the materials in a battery cell is a relevant knowledge to understand and diagnose the behaviour of the cell throughout its life
    Javier Olarte

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