Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the UCLM in 2012 and Master of Chemical and Environmental Engineering in 2014. His PhD, entitled: “Passive Energy Storage Materials for building applications”, was obtained in 2018 at the UCLM. His research activities were focused on the development of PCM-based thermoregulatory materials and their application in building elements such us gypsum, bricks and rigid polyurethane foams. He is currently working at CIC energiGUNE as Postdoctoral researcher as a member of the Thermal Energy Storage group, focuses on Phase Transitions and Critical Behaviors issues.

Scientific interests

  • Thermal energy storage in the mid-temperature range
  • Advanced functional coatings
  • PCM encapsulation
  • Microfluidic

Scientific career

  • Building materials (gypsum, RPU foams, bricks, concrete…)
  • Start-up of Spray dry pilot plant
  • Flame Retardant Materials
  • Suspension polymerization microencapsulation
  • Synthesis of aminophosphonate polyols with improved flame retardant properties
  • Synthesis of nanoparticles by sol-gel method
  • Hydrophobic materials for releasing agents in concrete


  • REPSOL award for the best chemical engineer Undergraduate Thesis 2011/2012 in the field of Process Engineering with the work entitle: “New phosphorus initiators for the synthesis of polyols with flame retardant properties”.
  • REPSOL award for the best chemical engineer Master Thesis 2013/2014 in the field of Process Engineering with the work entitle: “Development of thermoregulatory materials for improving passive energy storage in buildings”.

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