CIC energiGUNE, a leading research center in the field of electrochemical energy storage, launched in late 2018 BCARE, its first spin-off to offer value-added services in the diagnosis and health prediction of batteries and capacitors.

BCARE is a company that offers comprehensive advisory services on the health status of batteries and capacitors: 

  • Analysis and accompaniment in the selection of battery and capacitor technologies based on chemistry knowledge.
  • Predictive diagnosis of the batteries behaviour.
  • Analysis, diagnosis and advice in the improvement of the life expectancy and performance of the batteries in use.
  • Carrying out audits as a third party.
  • Technical-economic evaluation of new storage solutions.
  • Post-mortem analysis of the causes of battery failure.
  • Video play Bcare
    BCARE, the spin off arosed from CIC EnergiGUNE to offer value-added services to the energy storage industry, is presented in this video with the intervention of its main representatives and collaborating companies.
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