We would like to inform you that the Horizon Europe survey has been published. This public consultation will help to define the priorities of the European Commission´s Strategic Plan for the next 4 years (2021-2024).

Horizon Europe is a European framework program for research and innovation which plays a key role in the evolution towards a green economy. Its Strategic Plan will help not only to promote Europe´s energy transition, but also to address the coronavirus crisis and climate challenges.

This first Horizon Europe Strategic Plan will provide guidance for investment in research and innovation and will act as a compass to keep the European Union´s political priorities on track.

The European Parliament, the Member States of the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area and interested citizens are contributing collectively to this study.

The survey is structured around six groups. You can contribute to one, several or all of the sections:

  1. Health
  2. Culture, creativity and an inclusive society
  3. Civil security for society
  4. Digital, industry and space
  5. Climate, energy and mobility
  6. Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and the environment

In order to help shape the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, you can participate by filling in the survey until 18 September via the following link: Access the survey

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