Dimitrios Chatzogiannakis holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Crete. He carried out his Undergraduate Thesis as well as Master Thesis and worked as research assistant at IESL-FORTH in Crete, Greece under Prof.Spiros Anastasiadis and Dr.Emmanouil Glynos. His research activity has been so far based on the development of Solid Polymer Electrolytes through molecular engineering and their Electrochemical, Structural and Thermal Characterization. Pursued an Internship (Erasmus+) in CIC energiGUNE to expand his knowledge and experience in the field of Electrochemical Energy Storage.

Scientific interests

  • Polymer Physics
  • Nanostructured Electrolytes
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

Scientific career

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, (University of Crete)
  • Master of Science in Physical Chemistry (University of Crete)
  • Research assistant at IESL-FORTH


  • Master Thesis awarded Cum Laude (“Excellent”)

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