Guillermo Liendo obtained his titles of "Higher Technician in Analysis and Control" (2010) and "Higher Technician in Environmental Chemistry" (2012), from "Escuela de Química y Electrónica de Jesuitas Indautxu". In 2010 he started working as lab technician in Gaiker-IK4 Technological Centre. During this time (2010-2012) he worked in the "Recycling and Processing" Department. In 2013-2016 he worked in the "Characterization of Surfaces and Coatings" department of the Aragon Materials Science Institute (ICMA), which is a joint research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Zaragoza. He joined CIC energiGUNE (2016- currently) as a laboratory technician of the “Fabrication and Processing, proof of concept, proototyping” Group, developing his work in the “Dry Room Laboratory”. Its main function is the scaling of the manufacturing process of the battery components.

Scientific interests

  • Slurrys manufacturing
  • Assembly of coin cells and pouch cells
  • Laminate manufacturing ( Dr. Blade, Comma Coater)
  • ICP measures
  • Reology measures

Scientific career

  • Confocal Microscope Measurements
  • Measures in Nanoindentador
  • AFM measures
  • Processing of materials in extruder and injector
  • Separation processes of recycled materials and characterization.

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