Jon Martín Ortiz completed his studies in mechanical engineering at the UPV/EHU and later a master´s degree in the field of advanced materials engineering. His first approach to the world of R&D was during an internship at the CS Stirling Centre for Mondragón componentes, where he participated in various heat and energy management projects. It is worth mentioning that he led his own project, which finally became his final degree project (LUMUNIF). After completing his Master´s final project in electrochemical storage prototyping (EES) for SSB technology with Dr. Maica Morant, he joined CIC energiGUNE as a pre-doctoral researcher to develop his doctoral thesis in the area of thermal management for solid-state batteries in the Systems Engineering and Technology Transfer group, in the area of thermal storage (TES).

Scientific interests

  • Sustainable materials and resources
  • IT, electrics and electronics involved in development
  • Efficient and innovative product design

Scientific career

  • Test bench creation
  • Leaded a project in R+D
  • Li-SSB battery prototyping


  • Honor mention in Araba 4.0 awards 2019
  • Honors in final bachelor’s degree work

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