Karol Jagodziński has obtained two bachelor’s degrees - the first one in fire safety as a uniformed firefighter at the Main School of Fire Service in 2019 and the second one in Technology of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology in 2020. During his first bachelor’s, he investigated the explosive properties of coke dust,  and during the second one, he synthesized and characterized composite ceramic-polymer electrolytes with novel Hückel type lithium salt. Thereafter, he started MESC+ master studies (Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion) and studied at the Warsaw University of Technology, Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier University, and the University of Basque Country. His master’s thesis was related to the modification of sulfide-based solid-state electrolytes and was conducted at Umicore in Olen, Belgium.

In October 2022, Karol joined CIC energiGUNE within DESTINY European Doctoral Program to implement novel binders into silicon anodes for the next generation of Li-ion batteries, supervised by Dr. Damien Saurel.

Scientific interests

  • Designing novel composite silicon anodes
  • Modification and characterization of solid-state electrolytes
  • Understanding and tailoring stable SEI

Scientific career

  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Inorganic chemistry


  • Granted with an industrial scholarship during his Master Studies by Umicore

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