Lauren Levine studied a Bachelors’ degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield in the North of England, graduating in 2021. Her dissertation was on biotemplating methods for synthesis of LCMO spinel cathode material for Li-ion batteries, supervised by Dr. Nik Reeves-Mclaren. She also undertook a summer research internship at the Royce Institute modelling the mixing behaviour of sodium and potassium nitrate using GULP during her studies. 

She moved to London to complete a Masters’ degree in Advanced Materials Science, specializing in energy storage. There, she undertook a dissertation on Li-S batteries, using phenyl diselenides as a catholyte additive to enhance coulombic efficiency, under the supervision of Dr Georgios Nikiforidis, graduating in 2022. She presented this work as a poster presentation at the International Society of Electrochemistry conference in Lyon in September 2023.

After her studies, she moved to Västerås in Sweden to work at Northvolt as a Cell Design Engineer. Her work was focused on development of medium and high Ni NMC cathode materials, on the coin and pouch cell level and the development of stable high voltage electrolytes.

In May 2024, Lauren joined CIC energiGUNE as a pre-doctoral researcher to conduct a doctoral thesis on the “Upscale and synthesis of layered oxide cathode materials for Na-ion batteries”.

Scientific interests


  • Na-ion batteries
  • Cathode materials
  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials Synthesis


Scientific career

  • Cathode materials
  • Advanced electrolytes
  • Li-ion and Li-S batteries
  • Electrochemistry

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