Lidia Medinilla obtained her title of Higher Technician in Environmental Chemistry in 2014 making her practices in Miranda de Ebro’s industrial water treatment. In June 2015 she got a two year scholarship in University of Burgos as a research assistant in “Heterocyclic platinum and palladium thionates with in vitro antiproliferative properties on different cancer cell lines” research line, in the inorganic and organic chemistry areas developing, among other things, hybrid acrylic polymers with lanthanides for use as fluorogenic protein sensors. During those years she carried out a course in the University of Granada called “metallic species and biomolecules; bioinorganic experimentation course”. From January to April 2018 she accomplished the “thermoplastic polymer transformation operations” certificate of professionalism in University of Burgos. In April 2018 she joined Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro as a lab technician in materials department until June 2020. She is currently in CIC energiGUNE as lab technician in advanced electrode materials group.

Scientific interests

  • Polymers
  • Compound characterization
  • Materials Science

Scientific career

  • Water analysis
  • Inorganic and organic synthesis
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical tests of materials

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