Dr. Lorenzo Fallarino has focused his research on devising innovative graded nanomaterials to realize performance advances in applications that rely on thermally assisted processes. He has extensive experience in thin films deposition and wide knowledge in materials characterizations, including X-ray and Neutron diffraction/reflection, Magnetometry, FMR and Spin-Waves spectroscopies, as well as Ion beam implantation/irradiation techniques. He holds a Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics from University of Perugia (Italy). In 2017 he completed his international Ph.D. in Physics (cum laude & extraordinary award, under the supervision of Dr. A. Berger at CIC nanoGUNE), achieving the deterministic control of magnetic profiles and their characteristics by applying magnetic and thermal gradients, providing new degrees of freedom to locally modify magnetostatic properties in elemental ferromagnets. He investigated such magnetostatic effects by using large-scale facility experiments (at NIST-NCNR and NYU, USA). Later, Dr. Fallarino joined in 2017 the magnetism division of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Dresden, Germany) as postdoctoral researcher, working on the development of novel multilayer materials to serve as emitter/antenna for 5G technology, whose properties were optimized by ions irradiation/implantation. In 2019 he became Maria de Maeztu researcher at CIC nanoGUNE, where he devised a revolutionary approach that combines standard magnetic materials with predefined compositional nanostructure design, offering a broadly available platform to promote nanoscale-based design and management of critical behaviour. Finally, Dr. Lorenzo Fallarino joins CIC energiGUNE in 2021 as a postdoctoral researcher.

Scientific interests

  • Magnetic and Energy-Storage materials
  • Material Characterization
  • Neutron Spectroscopy
  • Thin films depositions

Scientific career

  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Material Science
  • (Nano-)Magnetism, Magneto-Optics, and Magnetization Dynamics
  • Combination of advanced characterization techniques


  • Journal of Physics D Emerging Leaders Award
  • Extraordinary Doctoral Award for his international Ph.D. thesis, awarded by University of the Basque Country
  • 3-years PFPI predoctoral fellowship (PRE_2013_1_974), awarded by the Basque Government

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