Dr. Manisha has completed her PhD in chemistry (Nanotechnology in Energy) from Indian Institute of Science Educational and Research, Mohali and Institute of Nanoscience and Technology, Mohali, India (Aug 2018-April 2022) under the supervision of Dr. Ramendra Sundar Dey (Scientist-D, INST Mohali). Her PhD work reflects the design of electrocatalyst to establish renewable energy systems based on Hydrogen fuel which has a socio-economic impact and plays an important role to supersede the energy system based on fossil fuels. She has obtained her M.Tech degree from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India in the year 2017 in Material Science and Nanotechnology. She has been awarded a scholarship for her master’s degree by qualifying the GATE examination. She has published 23 research articles in reputed peer-reviewed journals and a book “Carbonaceous material and future energy”. Her area of interest lies in water electrolysis to generate hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy sources which has potential applications in energy and environmental research such as water splitting (HER and OER), solar to hydrogen fuel generation, oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). She has explored various synthesis techniques to design highly efficient, stable and cost-effective electrocatalysts mostly via electrodeposition techniques. During her research career she has involved and actively participated in various science outreach programs.

Scientific interests

  • Electrocatalyst design
  • Hydrogen fuel technologies
  • Fuel cell

Scientific career

  • Electrochemical water splitting
  • Electrodeposition
  • Electrochemistry of nanomaterials


  • Awared GATE scholarship during M.Tech course
  • Nominated for best Thesis awards by INYAS

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