Michael Epstein

Involved in solar energy research since 1978. Principal Investigator (PI) for development of selective surface and antireflective coating for solar collector. Project manager for the construction of 50 kW Solar Furnace (1983-4) and 3 MW Solar Tower (1984-88) at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS). Principal  investigator of many  projects such as: solarized gas turbine (Brayton cycle) using ceramic tubes’ heater (1987-1993), development of the solar direct water/steam system (1988-91), design, fabrication and construction of the 500-kW solar-closed chemical heat pipe system (1988-95), SOLASYS project (solar reforming supported by the EC/FP4, 1998-2002), SOLZINC project (solar reduction of ZnO supported by  EC/FP5, 2001-2006) and chief investigator in DISTOR project on solar thermal storage using phase change materials supported by the EU/PF6.
Director, WIS Solar Research Unit since 1988. Vice Chairman and Israeli representative: to the ExCo of IEA/SolarPACES since 1997. Chairman of the Israeli Sustainable Energy Society since 2009.
Areas of expertise: High concentration solar energy, solar chemistry, solar gasification of biomass and reactor engineering, solar Brayton cycle, solar electricity, solar tower technology, solar hydrogen and storage of solar energy.

Publications: Author and co-author of more than 140 papers in journals and proceedings, 30 project reports and 12 international patents, all in the area of solar energy.

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