Miguel Ceja received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Nanoengineering. During this time, he spent three years working in the Meng Lab (LESC) studying lithium metal batteries.

After his bachelor’s, Miguel joined South 8 Technologies as a Battery Research Intern where he synthesized liquefied-gas electrolytes for next-generation energy storage devices. In 2022, Miguel carried out an internship at CIC EnergiGUNE developing a method for direct recovery of cathode material. In 2023, he received his master’s degree from the MESC+ EMJMD program. His thesis project involved studying the multi-scale dynamics of solid electrolytes via solid-state NMR and EIS at TU Delft.

Since December 2023, Miguel is a predoctoral researcher funded by ALISTORE ERI under a co-supervision between the University of Bordeaux and CIC energiGUNE. His project will focus on composition-structure-properties relationships in ternary ceramic electrolytes of A3MX6 metal halides.

Scientific interests

  • Solid Electrolyte
  • Ion Conduction
  • Materials Characterization

Scientific career

  • Solid-State NMR
  • Electrochemistry
  • Cell Fabrication


  • ERASMUS+ EMJMD Scholar

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