Dr. Muhammad Khurram Tufail has gained an in-depth understanding of inorganic solid electrolytes from their development and evaluation for all-solid-state Li/Na batteries. Dr. Muhammad Khurram Tufail obtained his master degree in chemistry at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. In 2014, he joined as a Jnr. researcher fellow at the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi, Pakistan working on polymer, block copolymer synthesis and their meticulous molecular characterizations. He continued his education at the Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, where he obtained his PhD in 2021. His PhD thesis was devoted to the design of air-stable sulfide-based superionic conductors for all-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur batteries, cathode additives, and novel solid electrolytes for lithium batteries.

In the end of 2021, he joined as a Post-Doctoral fellow at the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Qingdao University, China, working on garnet solid electrolytes and polymer composite electrolytes for lithium batteries. Dr. M.K. Tufail has won several prizes during his academic career and has published more than 35 articles in high-impact international journals.

He is currently working as a researcher at CIC energiGUNE.

Scientific interests

  • Development of inorganic (sulfides, oxides) electrolytes for solid-state batteries
  • Synthesis of polymers and polymeric composite electrolytes for flexible batteries
  • Interface stability between solid-state electrolytes and electrodes
  • Development of new materials for energy storage

Scientific career

  • Materials Science and Chemistry
  • Electrochemical characterization
  • Polymer Science


  • Excellent Student Award (2019-2020), Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
  • Chinese Government Scholarship Award (2016), China
  • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship Award (2011), Pakistan

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