Nahom Enkubahri completed his bachelor´s degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2016 at Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia. During the last year of his bachelor´s, he carried out his thesis at POSTECH University, S. Korea. After his Bachelor´s degree, he joined the Jimma University of Technology in 2016 and served as an assistant lecturer. In 2018 he went back to S. Korea as a visiting researcher at Hanbat National University at Applied electrochemistry laboratory for 6 months to work on supercapacitors. In 2019 he started his Masters in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC+) Erasmus program. During his masters, he has studied in different European universities Such as Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, University of Toulouse III –Paul Sabatier, France and University of Basque Country, Spain. He has worked on his master’s thesis at CIC energiGUNE in the Cell Prototyping group. Currently. He is currently working as a pre-doctoral researcher in the NMR platform and the Advanced Electrolyte Integration group, the topic of his thesis being ¨Understanding and development of advanced electrode materials by in-situ/ex-situ solid-state NMR.

Scientific interests

  • Lithium and Sodium-ion batteries
  • NMR characterization electrode materials
  • Metal ion capacitors
  • Ultrafast or power batteries

Scientific career

  • Semiconductor
  • Supercapacitor
  • Electrochemistry
  • Electrode Synthesis and Characterization


  • Industrial Scholarship for MESC+ master´s program

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