The objective of the proposal submitted by Berlanga is to analyze the impact on the electricity system of energy storage technology based on sustainable Na-ion batteries, as an enabling technology in the field of renewable energy.

Carlos Manuel Berlanga, a researcher at CIC energiGUNE, the leading Basque research centre for electrochemical and thermal energy storage and a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance BRTA, has been awarded one of the 20 Iberdrola Foundation grants for research into energy and the environment.

The main objective of Berlanga’s proposal is to analyse the implications of the use of energy storage technology based on sustainable Na-ion batteries (SIB) on the electricity system, and its application as an enabling technology to increase the uptake of renewable energies.

Carlos Berlanga, CIC energiGUNE´s researcher

On a practical level, the proposal includes an analysis of the main indicators that enable the most favourable applications for the use of sodium-ion battery technology in the electricity grid to be identified, together with a comparative study of the cost over the life cycle of the battery, using the LCOS methodology for the established application. An analysis of the potential market for this technology will also be conducted.

Since 2011, the Iberdrola España Foundation has launched an annual call for research grants to support a maximum of 20 projects related to the development of renewable energies, environmental protection and climate change, as well as the efficiency of the energy system. Proposals must be submitted by young researchers working in these fields, within the framework of a university or research center.

Research projects should be focused on identifying, describing and analysing the implications for the sector of the main technologies associated with the future decarbonised and electrified energy system. Likewise, they should provide for the need to draw up documents on the main technological innovations and their impact on cost forecasts and market evolution, as was the case with the proposal submitted from CIC energiGUNE by Carlos Manuel Berlanga in the 2020 call and ultimately selected by the Iberdrola Foundation.

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