The Basque center, international reference point on materials for storage systems, is part of the project GeroaPCM, which aspires to set in motion a system of climate control and domestic hot water for buildings capable of managing and optimizing the consumption in an autonomous way, with the fusion of digital technologies with heat pumps and thermal storage systems, thus reducing the energy bill and assuring a 100% renewable consumption.

CIC energiGUNE, the Basque research center of reference in battery storage, thermal energy solutions and hydrogen, and member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance-BRTA, participates in the development of an innovative climate control system and domestic hot water capable of anticipating the consumption and renewable generation through self-learning predictive algorithms, so that henceforth they will be able to take advantage of an innovative system of storage to optimize the flow of energy and reduce the cost of the energy. This project, which is framed within the HAZITEK program of the SPRI, is led by the company Airlan and counts with the collaboration of the companies Meteobit, Innotu and Ingetek, apart from CIC energiGUNE as a research reference point.

“This proposal is very ambitious since, up until now, climate control and domestic hot water solutions have not been developed, and the technological research carried out has been insufficient”, has assured Iker Garay, Responsible for Innovation and Development in Airlan. “Our objective is to launch a very intense scientific-technological activity, uniting the necessary capacities of all the participants of the project in order to develop a highly-competitive product with big opportunities”.

In this sense, GeroaPCM gathers together agents that cover the whole value chain of the project. This includes the identification of the necessity of climate control solutions, sensors and control hardware, the development of predictive algorithms, the integration in the CLOUD platform and the development of the storage materials, the design and development of the proof of concept of the energetic management system, the installation and the validation in the laboratory.

The project is led by Airlan, leading company in the manufacturing and commercialization of climate control equipments and energetic efficiency solutions, and counts with the participation of Meteobit, specialized in the development of predictive algorithms, Innotu, expert in the development of digital solutions and Ingetek, specialized in sensors and control hardware for climate control solutions. CIC energiGUNE participates as an international reference point in materials for storage systems.

The roadmap of the project foresees its finalization in December 2023, date on which several specific objectives will have to have been reached, such as the development of the nucleus of the energy storage material, with a capacity of reaching energetic densities of 60 kWh/m3, as well as its covering, with stable properties when in contact with water. Likewise, a thermodynamic model will be obtained that will allow to determine the thermal power necessary for the domestic hot water and heating applications.

From an innovation point of view, one of the principal actives will be the development of predictive algorithms based on artificial intelligence and focalized meteorological predictions of a high precision and energetic production of the different renewable energies, using as data sources the prediction of the environmental temperature, as well as other atmospheric and environmental variables, incorporating the capacity of anticipating the demands.

Finally, the development of the virtual replica of the system will be carried out interconnected in CLOUD in order to simulate the behavior of the climate control systems and domestic hot water, and to integrate the predictive algorithms, in a way that will allow them to take advantage of the whole potential of the digital technologies to measure the economic and environmental impact, and pre-select the best operation strategies in an autonomous manner.

The project GeroaPCM is aligned with the HAZITEK principles –program of the Basque Government to promote R&D in the companies- which imply combining scientific and technical knowledge with activities of industrial leadership and its tractor effect on the Basque economy, since the developments could be implemented on the industrial processes of the energetic, digital and construction sectors.

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