Paul Neumann has been graduated in Materials Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (France) in 2021. He also did another MSc that year in NanoScale Engineering with the same school in partnership with the University of Lyon and the Central School of Lyon. His aim is to contribute scientifically to the development of new technologies for energy storage and that is the purpose of his PhD here at CIC energiGUNE. This motivation began with his two first-year studies (H.N.D.) in Material Sciences in 2018 and has continued to grow with all his professional experiences and education. He has worked twice for the CEA in France for nuclear safety and cryogenic quantum devices. Although he is very familiar with laboratory work, he has been in contact with some industries and start-ups during all his studies. Actually, Paul has the will of change things according to what he also did for his own department in his engineering school. Finally, he knows how to adapt himself in different situations because he used to be a project leader during his education. His PhD will be focused on the synthesis and characterizations of innovative polymers and lithium salts for new all-solid-state batteries.

Scientific interests

  • Energy Storage
  • Materials Science
  • Sustainable batteries
  • Electrochemistry
  • Life cycle
  • Intermittent energies

Scientific career

  • Nuclear Evaluation
  • Quantum Devices and Cryogeny
  • Materials Synthesis and Characterizations
  • Polymers and Electrochemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Photoluminescence

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